The Parhelion Group

30 April – 12 May

The Parhelion Group is a collective of seven outdoor photographers based within the
North and South Downs. Each photographer has his or her area of expertise, making for
an interesting and diverse range of work ranging from wildlife photography through macro,
landscape and coastal photography. The group is committed to excellence, whether it be
by undertaking prestigious commissions, regular publication in books and magazines, as
educators leading workshops and giving presentations, by achieving awards in national
and international competitions, or exhibiting and selling fine art prints.


Jenifer Bunnett is a professional landscape and coastal photographer with a lifelong love
of the sea, and a commitment to photography as fine art. Her work has received several

Mattew Cattell is an award winning photographer who travels near and far to promote the
natural world. He is well known for his imagery of wild birds and portrays the Sussex coast
during winter months.

Lorraine Heaysman lives in Worthing, West Sussex, using her knowledge of the South
Downs to seek out moments of magic. Lorraine recently won the South Downs National
Park photography competition with one of her trademark misty landscapes.

Mark Horton is an award winning nature photographer based amongst the heathland on
the Surrey/Hampshire borders. His detailed macro images and wealth of knowledge offer
the viewer an insight into the often unseen world of tiny, almost invisible lives.

Sarah Medway is part of the photography team at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent and
captures arresting portraits of these beautiful creatures. Sarah is also a landscape
photographer, particularly interested in clouds and how they transform the landscape.
David Southern, having worked for the World Wildlife Fund for many years, has
photographed nature and landscapes around the world, and is happiest battling the
elements in pursuit of photographing nature.

Rachael Talibart is a professional fine art photographer and workshop leader. She is best
known for her Sirens Portfolio; critically acclaimed and award winning photographs of
stormy seas on the East Sussex coast.