Sue Colyer

Landscape Revisited

9 – 21 April

This new collection of works reflect images of landscapes remembered. Childhood memories, recollections of places visited on holidays and places very much in the present are all a source of inspiration and are reflected in this new collection. Sue describes her work as abstracted realism, painting a personal response to a subject and allowing that subject to be the inspiration of the painting rather the resulting image.

Sue is a passionate watercolour artist, describing the medium as unique and the perfect way to capture the transparency and fluidity of nature itself. Her choice of palette and paper allows her to produce images which portray harmony, atmosphere and personal reflections of the landscape around us and remembered within us all. Her aim is to enable the viewer to engage with her work, invoking their own recollections and personal response to the image.

Sue’s work can be seen in local galleries and she exhibits at various local and national events throughout the year. As well as original artwork she also sells artist quality Giclée prints and cards. She is also a member of the Hampshire Artists Co-operative who exhibit throughout the year at various exhibition events.

Sue demonstrates and teaches and is happy to do demonstrations or workshops to art groups in the area.

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