Wilson Studio

13 – 25 April

Sue Tinkler & Paul Sansome, ‘PhotoFusion’

Glassmaker Sue Tinkler and photographer Paul Sansome, have joined together to present a visually stunning exhibition of photography and kiln-formed glass, ‘PhotoFusion’.

Sue Tinkler and Paul Sansome are unusual, if not unique, in that they are artists working in very different genres, who have come together in a very successful collaboration to inspire and influence each other. This has resulted in stunning themed collections that feature  chalk streams, local woodlands, the coast and shoreline, as well as wilder landscapes such as Iceland and the Hebrides.

The two art forms, including limited edition long exposure photographs and kiln-formed sculpted and free-standing art glass, harmonise to create an exhibition rich with texture and colour. It provides an uplifting, immersive experience that celebrates the seasons, breath-taking landscapes and focuses on semi-abstract details from our natural and industrial heritage.

This collaborative approach came about when the two artists discovered a number of coincidences in their individual artistic journeys, and a shared appreciation of place, landscape and detail. Between them they have developed a complementary body of work that encompasses textural, shaped glass bowls and atmospheric semi-abstract photography.

Sue Tinker and Paul Sansome have worked together on a series of exhibitions, but this is their first in Chichester.


Sue Tinkler is a nationally-exhibited glass artist. She is a trained graphic designer who has been working with glass for 20 years, using a variety of materials and techniques including sheet, granular and powdered glass, pâte de verre, casting, slumping, silk-screen printing and embossing. She draws inspiration from patterns and textures in the natural world and industry, including the working farm next to her studio. She also works on commission to create splashbacks, glass panels, jewellery and corporate trophies, as well as running fused glass courses for beginners from her studio in Winchester. Sue says,”I draw most inspiration from the changing seasons, patterns and textures found in the natural world as well as scenes and themes of industry and, in particular, the working farm next to my studio”. These influence a range of sculpted and free-standing art glass.

Website: https://suetinklerartglass.co.uk/


Paul Sansome is a Dorset-based, fine art and travel photographer creating artistic photography in strictly limited editions. He focuses on portraying emotion, telling a story, and capturing fleeting moments – such as light in the landscape. He has had the rare accolade of being awarded in Landscape Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year, Wildlife Photographer of the Year and International Garden Photographer of the Year and his work has featured in publications such as the Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Practical Photography and Outdoor Photography. Recently his photograph, “Green Energy” was awarded best Travel image in the Travel Photographer of the Year Competition. He is also an experienced tutor, leading photography holidays for over 15 years. Paul says, “One of the compelling facets of photography is the diverse range of genres that we are able to give our attention to. One common thread through these genres is that the timing of the shot is critical – a fleeting moment of light in the landscape, a moment of animal behaviour or the flash of emotion on a person’s face”.


Website: https://www.paulsansome.com/


Coming next:

27 April – 9 May 

Nettie Rowsell

“I started making hand embroidered portraits in 2017 during a lull in my self employed work as antique textiles restorer. I had many years of adult education training in life drawing / painting, and a certificate in technical hand embroidery from The Royal School of Needlework, and the skills from both disciplines have come in useful. I’ve experimented with many art forms and techniques over the years, but I always come back to depicting faces and bodies.

My portraits begin with an informal photo session and my subjects are usually family and friends; I try to show their personality, or my perception of their personality. I snap people in the street too, at festivals, or in art galleries. I’m interested in capturing strangers in heightened states of emotion, when they’re deep in thought, or when they are sleeping. There are a few pieces that are tongue in cheek too, I’d like to stitch more of those.

I’m very excited to be exhibiting at Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. Although I’ve taken part in local art trails before, this is my first solo exhibition in an established gallery.”





11 May – 23 May, ‘5 Printmakers’


25 May – 6 June – Giles & Polly Harvey