Wilson Studio


7th- 19th September

The Threadwinders – Explorations in Stitch.

The Threadwinders are a group of innovative and unusual Textile Artists. Working in a range of styles and using different techniques, this exhibition features extraordinary 3D sculptures in patchwork by Margaret Ruxton, machine embroidered collage work inspired by the natural environment by Esther Collins, exquisite hand embroidery by Felicity Wingfield and theatrical embellishments and bead work by Amanda Corrigan.



Previous Exhibitions

Five Ways of Seeing

24 August – 5 September 2021

An exhibition of works by five photographers brought together by The Open University and the Royal Photographic Society.

What makes us want to take a picture and capture in a moment what we see before us? Are we creating a record of a scene at a point intime, or are we trying to capture something else beyond the empiricalreality of the image?

The Rose Group Photographers met through studying together with The Open University & Royal Photographic Society, supporting each other through considered critique, from which we gained respect for each other’s art. This exhibition reflects our Five Ways of Seeing.


Tissue and Textile
Chinese scroll painting and English embroidery

Jin Maio

Jin was born in Shanghai where she has spent much of her life. She is trained in Chinese-style of scroll and watercolour painting on tissue paper. Her work explores the beauty of flowers, plants and landscapes in an understated and formalised manner. She transcends the boundaries of traditional practice and brings new light and perspective to her still life portrayal.

Valerie McCallum

Valerie is inspired by a wide range of subjects from the environment and nature. Currently, she is working on a series of pictures themed on seashore birds and trees. Various techniques are used to produce a finished piece including drawing, fabric painting, hand-dying and then completing using sewing machines as well as hand-stitched work.

20 July – 1 August 2021

Art on the Warp

This exhibition is a contemporary art form of tapestry weaving and shows
many different ways of expressing our own personal creative journeys. We
are a group weavers who are mainly from West Sussex who meet monthly in
a local studio in Angmering.

These tapestries are created on wooden frames using a wide range of yarns
from wool, linen, silk, cotton, wire and many other pliable fibres. Some of the
art forms are flat while others are 3 dimensional. The inspiration for these
tapestries come from a wide variety of areas: nature, landscapes, family,
artist, personal experiences, materials just to name a few.

We hope you will be inspired and enjoy viewing this exciting exhibition.

6 – 18 July 2021

The Heallreaf Post

The Heallreaf Post exhibition features 94 hand woven tapestry postcards from 39 international artists. The first week of the exhibition coincides with the Chichester Festival. “The whole aim of Heallreaf Post is to make small tapestries available at a lower than usual cost so tapestry can find its way into homes that would not normally consider tapestry due to the size and price,” says Heallreaf organiser Margaret Jones.

22 June – 4 July

Bob Hoare – Legends of Sports, Music and the Movies

Bob’s caricatures have featured locally in the Chichester Observer, the Portsmouth News, the Brighton Argus, the Sports Mail, and the Southern Evening Echo. He was the caricaturist for Sounds, the music paper, in the 1970’s. For the last 25 years he was with Graphic News, a worldwide London based agency and, through them he was regularly featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines all around the world. He has worked for sports magazines, including
Speedway Star where he produced the Christmas cover for 20 years. He was
even responsible for a short run cartoon series in the Portsmouth Football Club
programme during the Terry Venables era. Bob was a professional caricaturist for 50 years, he was also a technical illustrator and graphic designer.

25 May – 6 June

Giles Harvey & Polly Alizarin Harvey – ‘Half Light’

‘Half Light’ brings together for the first time the work of father and daughter Giles Harvey & Polly Alizarin Harvey.

Giles Harvey

Giles Harvey originally studied Fine Art at Farnham College of Art;  it was there that he first became aware of photography and photo screen printing as a medium for expressing his interest in abstraction.

He went on to gain a BA in Art History; specialising in Modern & Renaissance Art alongside lecturing & teaching in both colleges and schools.

Giles has exhibited widely in the South East and London; in 2015 Giles won 1st prize in the Surrey Open Photography exhibition at the LightBox Gallery in Woking.

In this exhibition Giles has combined techniques of collage, screen printing, lithography and mono printing. This abstract series explores the relationship between colour, shape and perception of space through use of line and colour blends. Subjects are based on landscape, weaving, recycling, rubbish and ruins.

Polly Alizarin Harvey

Somerset based Illustrator Polly Alizarin Harvey has been honing her approach to collage over the last few years from a small studio in her garden.

Polly gained a BA in Fine art and a Distinction in MA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts where she fell in love with the potential and directness of collage.  Upon graduation Polly was asked to join the teaching staff at Camberwell, since then she has been tutoring on BA & MA courses across various institutions including University of Arts London, UWE , The House of Illustration and the Open College of Arts.

Polly works using paper collage; hand painted papers, scissors and glue. Influenced by British customs and traditions she retells everyday stories using bold shapes, bright colours and contrasting textures. The work shown in this exhibition is inspired by the British tradition of Garland Day held each year in May.


11 May – 23 May

5 Printmakers: A Vibrant Exhibition of Fine Art Prints

‘5 Printmakers’ presents a new exhibition of fine art prints at the newly refurbished Oxmarket Gallery.

We are a group of creative printmakers from London and the South East who are united by a love of print and connection to Ochre Print Studios in Guildford, Surrey. We planned this exhibition before this pandemic and were forced to postpone it, so it will be really exciting to see this work together for the first time. The exhibition brings together a range of printing techniques and sources of inspiration creating an impactful mix of literal and abstract; colour and black and white. The members of the group use linocut, etching, screen printing and collagraph and are inspired by nature, history, architecture, literature and social change. This exhibition is an accessible and affordable way to access original art. There will be something for everyone and all prints and cards are for sale.

We have a wide range of experience between us and produce a broad spectrum of work: David Crosby’s linocuts draw on myths and silent film to create simple, but singular images in monochrome and colour.  Stephanie Draper’s etchings are inspired by wild landscapes and the maps we use to depict them. Ros Pritchard is also stirred by nature, capturing the beauty of flowers and gardens around her in evocative linocuts. Mai Osawa’s etchings bring a sensitive combination of light and dimension to the historic buildings she is fascinated by. Liz Varrall is also inspired by architecture and maps, translating them into dynamic, colourful abstract screenprints. We have enjoyed collaborating on this project and hope that our love of print is evident in the exhibition.

27 April – 9 May 

Nettie Rowsell











“I started making hand embroidered portraits in 2017 during a lull in my self employed work as antique textiles restorer. I had many years of adult education training in life drawing / painting, and a certificate in technical hand embroidery from The Royal School of Needlework, and the skills from both disciplines have come in useful. I’ve experimented with many art forms and techniques over the years, but I always come back to depicting faces and bodies.

My portraits begin with an informal photo session and my subjects are usually family and friends; I try to show their personality, or my perception of their personality. I snap people in the street too, at festivals, or in art galleries. I’m interested in capturing strangers in heightened states of emotion, when they’re deep in thought, or when they are sleeping. There are a few pieces that are tongue in cheek too, I’d like to stitch more of those.

I’m very excited to be exhibiting at Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. Although I’ve taken part in local art trails before, this is my first solo exhibition in an established gallery.”