Wilson Studio

Colourworkers – Vivid
13 October – 31 October 2020







Returning to the Gallery for her third year is local printmaker and surface designer, Tori McLean.  Joining her from the Colourworkers Collective will be two other members of the Society of Design Craftsmen, Anita Bell and Arlene Shawcross.

Their ‘Vivid’ Exhibition will bring together contemporary stitched paperworks by Anita Bell, screenprinted and hand-painted silks by Tori McLean and constructed and stitched textiles by Arlene Shawcross.  All three artisans share a passion for richly coloured contemporary works of art and have work held in private and public collections in the UK and abroad.

Anita is a member of the International Association of Papermakers and Artists and creates one-off pieces using hand dyed, painted or recycled papers embellished with stitch.

Shakkei, a Japanese garden term for the “borrowed view” beyond the garden and Ikedori, meaning “captured alive”, are the inspiration for each piece of her work, reflecting the constantly changing light, particularly at dawn and dusk.

Quick sketches and watercolour studies are used by Anita to try to capture the atmosphere of a fleeting moment that is elusive and ever- changing. Using a thin thread as a medium, the details of imaginary landscapes are drawn out using dense lines of stitch, overlaid like paint, to build up depths of colour.

Tori will be exhibiting larger examples of her hand-printed and hand-coloured series of silk paintings that are inspired by her love for Japanese kimonos. Each work is uniquely hand coloured, taking several days to screenprint and paint, ensuring each hand-painted print is a one-off design.  Designs can also be tailored to individual colour requirements for a particular home setting.

Arlene creates beautiful individually designed and stitched pieces, each one a unique piece of textile art. Her work is lively and colourful and is inspired by her love of music and roses.





Phoenix Metalcraft

3 – 15 November