John Rank Gallery

Adam Aaronson & Henriette van der Does – Between City and Landscape
22 September – 27 September 2020

Adam Aaronson and Henriette van der Does are two artists who are both passionate about the intensity of colour and they often exhibit their work together, sometimes together with other artists.

We had been planning a show together for some time, but lockdown interrupted everything. “We’d heard great reports about the Oxmarket from friends who’ve exhibited there. Adam exhibited there recently with the Society of Designer Craftsmen and noticed there was a September slot available, so we took the plunge!” It’s very exciting to be here.”

This is a pivotal show for both of us, as we are both on the move. So this could be our last chance to exhibit together for some time. Having lived in Guildford for 22 years Henriette is heading for pastures new in her native Netherlands while Adam is moving from West Horsley to live somewhere close to Chichester. He’s house hunting at the time of writing, so he’s almost a local artist and will be in a couple of weeks. He’ll be commuting back to his studio in West Horsley to make his work though.

Between City and Landscape will feature new paintings by Henriette as well as three of her figurative sculptures together with Adam’s free blown glass vessels and sculpture, which he makes in his studio in West Horsley.

Henriette van der Does has come a long way from starting out as a student in French literature to becoming an artist in her own right at the turn of the century.

A qualified Art psychotherapist, Henriette works with both children and adults in her own private practice. Both lines of work are continuously diverging from and complimenting each other through an endless stream of human and thus emotional interaction and inspiration.

Humans (or nature) are never the same: we are always in motion, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Containing the unconscious and the collective unconscious both will always be able to surprise us’

Henriette’s work is strongly influenced by her ample life drawing classes and inspired by many different tutors in various cultural settings. Human figure, movement, emotion are predominant themes in her work, line and colour are added for personal style.

Adam Aaronson’s love affair with glass began almost 40 years ago and his passion for this most unpredictable and seductive of artistic mediums remains undimmed today.

His artwork is inspired by the ceaseless mutability of light on the landscape, sky and water, with the idea of change as a continual presence also a major theme.

Glass is the ideal medium to express these concepts since its properties are inherently mutable, not only in its molten state but also in the way the play of light creates endless nuances in the finished piece.

Adam’s work is diverse and colourful and there will be around 100 pieces on show at the Oxmarket so a visit is a must.

Adam often works to commission. A recent major project involved working with fellow Surrey artist Mary Branson, whose sculpture “New Dawn”, incorporating 168 blown glass elements made by Adam, was installed in Westminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament in June 2016.

Aside from being passionate about their work, both artists believe in the importance of “giving back”. Henriette is an accomplished sculptor who has been Chair of the Surrey Sculpture Society for four years, while Adam is an established glass maker who has been a Fellow and Trustee of the Society of Designer Craftsmen for a number of years. Both also spend considerable time mentoring others to develop their artistic talents.


Octagon – 2020 Vision
29 September – 4 October 2020

Maggie Bacon – Kefir and Actimel people – beautifully made entirely by Maggie, as a response to the Covid Pandemic. They are exquisite and very thought provoking.

Abstract prints by Bea Veness on the theme of ‘Positive/Negative’

Evocative oil paintings of local open spaces by Carolyn Mackwood

Striking charcoal drawings from journeys to a deserted London by Amy Tattersall

Ink and mixed media paintings by Linda Nevill relating to songbirds during the early months of 2020

Sam McCormack’s felting images, responding to her environment.

Hand made Artist’s Books and sketchbooks from Sue England with paintings made ‘Close to Home’

And jewel-like small oil on board paintings – Jenny Smith’s retreat in the exotic beauty of nature.

Maggie Bacon
Carolyn Mackwood
Amy Tattersall