The Society of Limners

16 – 21 July

The Society of Limners was founded in 1986 by the late Elizabeth Davys Wood MBE to promote and encourage the painting of miniatures and calligraphy to a high standard.  This year’s exhibition includes around 150 exhibits most of which are for sale.

The exhibition also includes a retrospective display of Michael Pierce’s [our late President’s] work.  For many years Michael had a studio in Chichester and he was extremely well known to many of our visitors.

Barbara Jones

16 – 28 July

Barbara Jones started painting 25 years ago when she was first introduced to watercolours at a local college.  During a difficult time in her life her passion for painting became both therapeutic and a place to find relaxation.

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30 July – 11 August

ARTEL members are a diverse group of artist centred on Chichester who come together to exhibit at least once a year in Chichester and support each other’s creative development through information exchanges, workshops and other events which included a ‘pop-up’shop in 2015.

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David Meeking


30 July – 11 August

An exhibition of abstract and semi – abstract work based on observations of varying land and sea-scapes.

Jacqui Lauder

Favourite Things

30 July – 11 August

“Autumn colours and red skies at night, ‘thingy things’, colourful elastic bands or paper clips all tossed in a heap.  Comical alpacas or llamas that make you smile.  Laughing cats, sleepy cats or Mr Fox in the wild.  Snuffley hedgehog or sunlight through trees, these are a few of my favourite things.

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