Peter Moseley

The Skin of the Print

8 – 20 October

Early photographic printing processes (often referred to as Alternative or  AltPhotography) require detailed hand-crafting by the artist. The texture, material and treatment of the paper on which the image is formed – literally, The Skin of the Print’ – adds real depth to the appearance and feel of the work.

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Keith Krzywicki


22 October – 3 November

This exhibition includes paintings from the artist’s travels around the world. ‘Reflections’ captures the beauty of nature such as the sunsets and moonlight scenes and the myriad of vibrant colours from Morocco, California and Sicily. The artist also reflects on the effect our consumer society is having on the environment. Sale proceeds from this exhibition go to Parkinson’s UK.

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Detached Chain Band

Journals in Stitch

22 October – 3 November

This is the latest exhibition by a group of mixed media textile artists from Worthing. There will also be a selection of lovely handmade gifts and cards for sale.



Geoffrey Osborne

In the Mix

5 – 17 November

Waterlooville artist, Geoff Osborne, first exhibited at the Oxmarket Gallery in 2015 as part of an exhibition by the Red Hot Press where he studied the Foundation in Printmaking course. This course followed on from many years as an art and wedding photographer.

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Nicola Willoughby

5 – 17 November

Nicola has painted since art college in London in the Sixties. These examples
are of recent works in etching oil on sized paper. The process is a mixture of
monotype and painting, and the subjects are mainly landscape or nature in
various forms.