Anne Milton and Karen Wilson

11 August – 23 August 

Anne Milton

Anne Milton was encouraged to develop her artistic skills by art tutor colleagues whilst they all worked in the Education Department at Feltham Young Offenders Centre in the 1990s.  This led to a degree from the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham in 2001.

Although she has experimented with several media, she has always returned to her love of oil painting.  She feels that oils are an expressive media and the fluidity is well suited to her chosen style.

Much of her current work is based on sketches drawn at her Life Drawing Group over the last couple of years.  Anne has always been interested in minimising the amount of detail required to represent the human body. Her interest in this concept came from looking at the works of Julian Opie, Fernard Leger and Henri Matisse.

Anne also enjoys abstract painting which concentrates on lines and colours. As can be seen in her current work some of her life paintings have been superimposed onto abstract grounds.


Melody in Red
Melting into Nature









Karen Wilson

Although Karen Wilson enjoys painting, her true love is working in textiles where her needle and fabric are her paintbrush and canvas. Karen is now living in Cornwall hence some of her mixed media work is of the Padstow and Port Isaac area near to where she now lives.  Karen hopes you will enjoy looking at her work as much as she has had in creating it.


Blue Landscape
Pink and Purple Landscape

‘Unity’ by John Gillespie

14 July – 23 August

John Gillespie is a marine welder and fabricator and being unable to work because of Lockdown has found time to try some metal sculpting. The result is ‘Unity’.  A sculpture dedicated to all keyworkers during Covid-19.

John says “It represents the coming together of so many people for one cause creating a web to defend as strong as steel. I started with the head and shoulders and the idea of the keys came from some metal art I saw many years ago and as you can’t buy stainless keys I had to manufacture them.

I started to stamp keyworker roles onto them and through Facebook, requests were received from workers far and wide requesting key roles to be added.

I have always intended to donate ‘Unity’ and the decision was made to try to place her where she can benefit all local people within Chichester. This process is well underway but is still on-going.

‘Unity’ has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and I find thank you to be inadequate to describe the help I have received from MMP Polishers, Oxmarket Gallery, those involved in sorting her final location and the donations received in metal and plaques, etc.  It’s the unity of all involved that has made this happen, all I did was to shape some steel. Thank you to everyone for your help and support through these times.”

Max Wildman

Max Wildman
11 August – 23 August

Max Wildman will be exhibiting his authentic looking original paintings in the style of Alfred Wallis in the Lobby Area of the Gallery

Gael Emmett Jewellery

February – December 2020

Gael Emmett will be the Gallery’s resident jeweller for 2020.

Gael’s jewellery is carefully designed and handmade in her studio in Chichester and uses sterling silver, with copper and 18k gold inclusions and enamel in her designs. Gael also works with semi-precious beads and gemstones.

Gael’s work is inspired by the simple rhythms and shapes found in nature and the concept that jewellery can be ‘playful’ with elements that can twist or turn and be stacked in different arrangements.

Katherine Lawrie Jewellery

Until 16 August 2020

Katherine Lawrie will be exhibiting her jewellery at the Oxmarket Gallery.

Katherine has been making jewellery professionally for around twenty years and studied at Northbrook College in West Sussex, the Surrey Institute of Art and Design and Edinburgh College of Art.

Working mainly in Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver Gilt the jewellery predominantly use textures and forms found in the natural surroundings of the South Downs. Colour is incorporated into the jewellery using precious and semi-precious gems, and beads.

Katherine offers jewellery making workshops at her Studio just outside Walberton, nr Arundel, West Sussex. Katherine believes that “it’s important for crafts people to pass on their skills. Creative thinking is a vital tool in today’s world.”

Katrin Eagle

14 July – 13 September 2020

Katrin Eagle is an artist and designer based in Petersfield. She explores the world of wool by hand spinning, weaving and needle felting and developing ideas and themes through painting and drawing.

Inspiration for her wool art pictures comes from drawings, paintings and photographs. Some of these images are available as printed coasters, cards and placemats. A series of illustrations featuring cats and sheep are also available.

Kim Tattersall Glass

14 July – 13 September 2020

Kim Tattersall comes from a textile background, specialising in print, and is very much driven by process and materials. Her continued fascination with surface, texture, light and shadow is now evolving into unique, tactile glass pieces, inspired by nature.  Thoughts, memories, words – captured within glass, set free by transient light.

A collection of multi-coloured glass is on display at the Gallery.

BezaLou Jewellery

14 July – 13 September 2020

Louise Marie Jones, founder of BezaLou will be exhibiting her jewellery at the Oxmarket Gallery.

Louise’s jewellery is a creation of vibrant resin pieces of art that can be worn. Jewellery is hand stamped with angel wings and vintage keys, with messages which are uplifting, edifying, and encouraging.

Louise has a background in contemporary dance and performing arts and leads dance, creative movement and art workshops. Look out for other work of Louise’s throughout the year at the Gallery.