‘Unity’ by John Gillespie

14 July – 23 August

John Gillespie is a marine welder and fabricator and being unable to work because of Lockdown has found time to try some metal sculpting. The result is ‘Unity’.  A sculpture dedicated to all keyworkers during Covid-19.

John says “It represents the coming together of so many people for one cause creating a web to defend as strong as steel. I started with the head and shoulders and the idea of the keys came from some metal art I saw many years ago and as you can’t buy stainless keys I had to manufacture them.

I started to stamp keyworker roles onto them and through Facebook, requests were received from workers far and wide requesting key roles to be added.

I have always intended to donate ‘Unity’ and the decision was made to try to place her where she can benefit all local people within Chichester. This process is well underway but is still on-going.

‘Unity’ has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and I find thank you to be inadequate to describe the help I have received from MMP Polishers, Oxmarket Gallery, those involved in sorting her final location and the donations received in metal and plaques, etc.  It’s the unity of all involved that has made this happen, all I did was to shape some steel. Thank you to everyone for your help and support through these times.”