Stephanie Draper, Clive McBain & Clayton Riches

21 May – 2 June

Exhibition of recent work by Stephanie Draper, Clive McBain and Clayton Riches.

Stephanie Draper

“I was brought up exploring the woods and coastline of the English countryside. My strong sense of nature and place has developed further as I travel, working to address social and environmental issues. My art draws on my scientific background and interest in patterns of change.

I combine painting and print making – using oil, acrylic,intaglio and etching to depict the connections and contradictions between the wildness of landscapes and the formality and function of the maps we use to represent them. Together they provide the foundations, energy, disruption and pattern to drive us forward. My prints explore the areas that I paint. The paintings that follow look at a wild place as landscape, map, aerial view and discover new perspectives in the detail. The palette connects the paintings and brings out my emotional response to a place.

The ‘Last Wilderness collection reflects my current fascination with the way big global concerns manifest in specific places, fed by an amazing trip to Alaska. River Piracy, for example, is impacting the water courses of the Yukon and the valleys where we walked. As a glacier shrinks it can change the way rivers flow which starves a landscape of vital water sources, impacting the communities that draw on them.

My examination of these places through my art deepens my understanding and I hope brings insight and beauty to social change.”

(Image by Stephanie Draper at top of page.)

Clive McBain

Clive McBain studied fine art at Willesden College of Art and then graphic design at Brighton College of Art.

Clive went on to win three national poster competitions and on graduating with an NDD made the natural transition into advertising as an art director in a leading London advertising agency. He subsequently co-founded McBain Noel-Johnson and Co Ltd, a design consultany based in London W1. In 1987 the company was taken over by AMV plc.

In 1992 he took the major decision to devote himelf entirely to painting.

Clive has sold illustrations and paintings worldwide due mainly to his succession of solo exhibitions at Petworth House. His work has been featured on ITV Meridian Television, in “Sussex Life” and extensively in the Sussex press.

Clayton Riches

Expressing mood, colour and passion through abstracts and landscapes, primarily using acrylic. Never one to shy away from a large canvas, Riches’ bold strokes give texture to life. Winner of the Lawrence Williams Abstract Prize 2017 and sold across the world, Clayton now paints from his studio in East Ashling.