Adam Aaronson

Adam Aaronson has been at the heart of British studio glass for nearly 40 years, first running galleries dedicated to glass art and subsequently as a glass artist in his own right, learning how to create glass art later in his career and developing self-taught methods.

Adam is a skilled maker and a truly diverse and talented glass artist. He is constantly experimenting with techniques and exploring new ideas, including the potential of large sculptural works designed for the outdoors.

Catherine Barnes





Allan Davies




Sue England




Emma Tweedie

Emma Tweedie is an emerging artist who grew up in
Belfast, and now has an established studio practice
in London.

Emma is best known for her highly emotive and atmospheric ‘layer paintings’ which are inspired by nature and which attempt to capture the essence and magical dimension we experience when immersed in the outdoors. Her paintings often feature passages of texture and multiple acrylic and ink washes. which all attempt to transport the viewer into a realm of ‘feeling’, Chromatic harmonies are achieved through the subtle application of colour which seem to emerge from their own ‘interior’.


Fred Masters


Jane Fremantle






John Hitchens



John O’Rourke



Kevin Stamper

Kevin trained in Design and Furniture Making at Winchester. He set up Kevin Stamper Furniture in 1992 with a workshop based in Wimbledon, South-West London. He is both a designer and a maker of fine furniture and dramatic artworks and has received many plaudits for his dramatic and colourful designs.

His signature style is achieved by painstaking exploration into the processes of pixilation and colour dying veneers. Photographs and water colour sketches are digitized to create the initial designs and then reinterpreted using individual squares of dyed veneer.


Kim Whitby



Lisa Traxler




Maggie Cochran



Margo Selby





Richard Perry






Ron King 

I have had a multi-faceted artistic life that spans 70 years. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was sent to school in England at the age of 12, from where I went on to train at the Chelsea School of Art. Originally a painter, I later moved into printmaking and am recognised as the founder of Circle Press, which I set up in 1967. A collective of like-minded artists and poets, we produced artists books that were inventive, distinctive and pushed the possibilities of what could be created in book form. In its lifetime, the press produced over 200 publications and individual works. The entire collection is held at The Yale Center for British Art and Cardiff University. Today, I continue to work on personal projects, collaborate on artists books and create sculptures from my studio in West Sussex.


Pete Codling

Philip  Jackson

Vincent Gray

Willow Legge

Caron Penney

Katherine Swailes

Fiona Barrington-Gowar

Jan Griffiths


Piers Ottey






Marytn Jones