South Coast Creatives

3 – 22 September

An exciting collaboration of five West Sussex artists – Tracey Lodge, Rose Bates, Claire Garcka, Wes Cole & Christian Wallis.  Exhibiting a range of mixed media mosaics & ceramics, oil & acrylic paintings, forged metal by an Artist Blacksmith and quality lacquered lamps, sculptures & furniture items.

Claire Garcka

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Claire started painting about ten years ago having previously studied Ceramic Design. She paints in both oils and acrylics and loves experimenting with colour and pattern. Inspired by the Cornish coastline with its colourful houses and quirky boats she is becoming increasingly interested in painting water and reflections.

Tracey Lodge

“I trained in ceramics to degree level back in the 80s and have been a practising maker ever since. I have exhibited and sold at galleries and contemporary craft fairs up and down the country.

My work has evolved over time and I love to explore different media. This has led to a current passion for combining carved clay pieces with richly coloured glass mosaics and found objects mounted onto slate panels.”

Rose Bates

“After completing a City and Guilds Ceramics course in the 90`s, I now focus on pieces for the garden and home. They are particularly inspired by the organic art forms of Ernst Haeckel. Ocean microscopic organisms provide fabulous shapes and patterns for large and small ceramic pieces. I work with frost-proof sturdy clays for the garden and porcelain and stoneware for elsewhere. The ancient Japanese technique of Raku is also a passion of mine and small animal sculptures and figurative work are made in my studio in Lee on Solent.”

Wesley Cole

Wes is a Blacksmith at Fire Drake Forge where all pieces are hand forged in Great Britain, with pride and a heart of steel.

“My name is Wesley Cole and I am the Blacksmith of Fire Drake Forge.

I come from a corporate background originally. Working in the manufacturing sector, I was the general operations manager of a multi million pound business, working under the owners/co-founders.

But working my way to the top, spanning three very different businesses, I began to realise that these were all just other peoples dreams I was setting up camp in; which certainly didn’t fulfill my creative passion and ultimately, this made me rethink my life.”

Christian Wallis

Christian has been making finest quality lacquered lamps, sculptures and furniture items for over 20 years. Based at The Old Forge in Eartham he specialises in producing one off pieces in collaboration with his clients using only the very finest materials sourced from all over the world.