Silvia Pacella

Silhouettes and Textures

13 – 25 August

A unique collection of works inspired by the artist’s love for luxurious fabrics and textures together with antiques and vintage furniture.

“I qualified in ‘Arts and Design’ over 30 years ago, and have been working as a Fashion Designer and Technical Manager for over 30 years, in London and abroad. My love for luxurious fabrics, textures, frameworks and silhouettes together with my fascination with antiques and vintage furniture, led me to create this unique and delightful collection of Artworks. 

I handpick furniture that speaks to me through unique structures, interesting frameworks and elegant silhouettes, often recuing them from abandonment, or destruction. It gives me great delight to uniquely redesign and reinvent them into new modern artworks, that will be appreciated once more. In addition, I ensure that the pieces remain both functional and comfortable, because it is important to me, that my artwork should be both used and enjoyed. 

Lastly, I choose to revive vintage and antique pieces, because I am driven by both preserving cultural vitality and minimising harm to the environment. I am proud to be led by an environmentally conscious ethos, so I upcycle the old, recycle materials, and where possible use natural fibres and vintage cloths, to create my Artworks.”