Prim Hoult and Alison Garrett


8 – 20 October

Prim Hoult, a painter and Alison Garrett, a textile artist both live on the shores of Chichester Harbour.  It is a special, fragile landscape, which weaves a magic in the hearts of those who know it well.

The glorious colours of sunny days in high summer, the misty, ethereal autumnal days and the low light and long shadows of winter provide an ever- changing colour palette.

The shoreline ranging from mud to clay, sand to gravel, riven by inlets, reedbeds and wonderful wind-sculpted oaks underpin inspiration for form and texture.

Wildlife dominated by shore-line birds both, permanent residents and migratory; boats – sailing, motor, working, fishing; people – walking picnicing, boatbuilding and just living all give context to the human impact and the long and ancient history of the Harbour.

All this and much much more fuelled by the unceasing rythms of the tides and the restless wind have inspired Prim and Alison to bring a four year project to fruition.

This exhibition is a collection their “love letters” to this unique place.