Peter Moseley

The Skin of the Print

8 – 20 October

Early photographic printing processes (often referred to as Alternative or  AltPhotography) require detailed hand-crafting by the artist. The texture, material and treatment of the paper on which the image is formed – literally, The Skin of the Print’ – adds real depth to the appearance and feel of the work.

The artists – drawn from  the UK, South America, Europe, Russia and Australia – present portraiture, landscapes, still-lifes, body studies and abstract works. All pieces are contemporary, but produced using nineteenth century recipes and techniques.

What’s so special about these early process prints? They’re all hand-made on art paper, sometimes hand-made paper, where the processes allow the mark and interpretation of the artist as print-maker to complement their imagination and skill as the photograph-taker. The original photographic film negative might be imagined as a ‘music score’ composition, the print on display is its public ‘performance’ orchestrated by the artist as print-maker.

The works show examples of printing with precious platinum, gold and palladium metals, photographic printing with water colour pigments and with metal plates that are photographically etched and printed on to paper through heavy presses. Also shown are pictures made with coloured dyes from flowers and plants and cyanotype or ‘blue’ prints made with commonly available and safe materials.

Artists will be at the Gallery during the show and there will be demonstrations of printing from etched plates. Visitors will be welcome to try their hand at inking up and printing using the portable etching press. Information and displays will be available which show how the prints are  made with the various processes. Many of the signed and editioned works on show will be available for purchase.