Bright Horizons

Adam Aaronson and friends

17 August – 5 September 2021

Bright Horizons focusses on a brighter future with continuing exploration in creative practices. It also celebrates the coming together of all artists as exhibitions, workshops and art venues are once again open to all.

Glassmaker Adam Aaronson has had a summer like no other. In 2020, Covid restrictions enforced some extra and welcome studio time which enabled him to experiment with new glass work techniques. Now all those hours toiling over a hot furnace have come to light as he exhibits throughout this summer at several prestigious venues. For his final flourish he has gathered together a bunch of creative friends to present Bright Horizons at The Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester.

Adam says, “I have always been fascinated by horizons and these have been a feature in my own glass art for years. So when I was selecting the ten artists to join me in this exhibition at the Oxmarket, I was naturally drawn to some whose focus on the horizon in their work was also paramount.

But the title “Bright Horizons” relates as much to the expansive outlook of these artists as to the content of their work. I think we are all coming out of lockdown in a process of metamorphosis. Perhaps we are akin to butterflies emerging from a chrysalis or bumblebees awakening from of hibernation, and spreading our wings in the sunshine.

Flying towards the horizon which perhaps mirrors the fact that, in every artwork we create, we are consciously looking ahead and striving to improve on the previous one. Looking towards the horizon, our future is bright.”

The Oxmarket also has a number of exciting volunteer vacancies.

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