The Heart of the Matter

4 – 9 June

Eight artists found inspiration to create a body of work that expressed their distinct responses.

Linda Nevill researched the myriad shapes of seeds and their pods, then interpreted them in exaggerated 3D forms and through drawing.

Jennifer Smith was inspired by the paintings of Edward Lear and by the sentiment of compulsion in his comment ‘Just as the bird sings, so the artist paints.’

Sue England was fascinated to discover that the human heart beats 100,000 times a day. She investigated the notion in print and collage, incorporating language idioms.

Carolyn Mackwood expressed feeling at home when painting the seaside and for her, that is where the heart is, the essence of her practice.

Amy Tattersall explored autobiographical themes of Still Life through personal objects in the home and nature in her garden.

Maggie Bacon placed happiness at the heart of her work and has sought to make her audience smile by creating images of a frequent visitor to the window of her studio.

Bea Veness drew inspiration from Graham Green’s novel The Heart of The Matter, combining her love of language and printmaking.

Sam McCormack used textiles and stitch to express joy in her life and environment.