Nick Hais and Jill Mirza

24 September – 6 October


A selection of paintings by Nick Hais and Jill Mirza, where figuration is a vehicle for colour and shape compositions.

Jill Mirza and Nick Hais have both been exhibiting their paintings since the mid-1970s. Together they ran an art gallery ‘The Alpha Gallery’ in Swanage for many years. At that time they were commissioned to write a book ‘Mix your own Acrylics’ and Jill wrote articles for fine art magazines. Jill Mirza studied painting at Camberwell School of Art and at The Royal Academy Schools. She regularly exhibits, particularly at Art Fairs around the country. Nick Hais graduated from Newcastle Art College with a 1st Class Dip.A.D. His work is regularly exhibited in the UK and the USA.

Jill Mirza’s paintings are figurative explorations of the world about her. Responding to the excitement of the visual world, the play of light on buildings, the intensity of shadows, the brashness of man-made objects and the way people integrate with their surroundings, Jill’s paintings are colour narratives of human presence.

Nick Hais enjoys the brilliance of rich and vibrant light which creates living shadows and he uses this quality as it relates to objects and scenes which display inherent geometries. Relationships between colours, shapes and edges form precise rhythms and balances which develop into structured pictorial compositions of enhanced clarity.