Minne Fry

Sussex and Other Places

Curated by Sharon Newton

16 – 28 July

Sharon Newton is pleased to present a range of oil paintings, watercolours and etchings spanning Minne Fry’s impressive and varied career.

Nature has always been and remains an important point of departure for Fry’s work. She is perhaps best known for her semi-abstract landscapes, which form emotional responses to elements of the natural world that resonate with her – skies, woods, mountains, winter trees. This non-representational interpretation eschews literal depiction and thus literal perspectives of landscape, favouring instead what the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins referred to as ‘inscapes’.

Beauty and emotion are without a doubt at the heart of Fry’s approach to painting and are expressed through her use of vivid colour and the organic flair of her mark making. Her natural sensitivity towards these elements in nature are further complemented by her interest in music, poetry and literature, and it is of no surprise then that the theatre has often been a subject matter of great interest to her.

Over the past 60 years, Johannesburg-born Fry has confirmed and maintained her position as both an active and well-regarded figure in the field of British contemporary art. She first exhibited in London in the early sixties at the New Vision Gallery run by Denis Bowen, where the critic Eric Newton bought one of her paintings. Fry’s reputation was initially established through her work in oils. In the 1980s, she began to experiment, developing her skills and practice through use of watercolours and subsequently mastering the art of printmaking at London’s Morley College. Her oeuvre now encompasses works created in oils, acrylics, watercolour and etchings, made on paper, canvas or wood. Her capacity for growth as an artist, and her taste for innovation, has undoubtedly contributed much towards her continued success and relevance.

Among her repertoire of previous mixed and solo shows, Minne has exhibited at the Coningsby Gallery London, Bloomsbury Gallery, the Green Room, Babington House, Gallery de Nesle, Paris, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal West of England Academy Autumn Exhibition. She has also displayed work with online gallery Eyestorm for 15 years and has exhibited regularly with the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, where in 2017 she was awarded the painting prize, and with the Morley Printmakers, winning the etching prize for 2017.

‘If I had it on my wall, I would, I think, never stop looking at it, never tire of peering into its mysterious glowing depths.’ David Cheal in the Daily Telegraph on Minne’s Fry’s etching, Winter Evening , at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2008.

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