Lucienne Sharpe

Fashion was the sixties, wasnt it!

22 January – 10 February

An exhibition to show flow and movement, highlighting the fashion and buzz of the sixties.

Clothes became the new empowerment. The fling of coats and the sunglasses captured a new movement including the Beatles, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. Boots and neck bands, short skirts, a panache – never should be forgotten!

Lucienne Sharpe went to St Martins Central School of Art being taught by the famous Muriel Pemberton, Head of Fashion there. Here, Lucienne mixed with the new fashion thinkers such as Bill Gibb and Mary Quant. What a privilege! So, here she presents a small memory.

Coinciding with Lucienne’s exhibition is the new exhibition at the V&A of Christian Dior: