Jenny Wightwick, Eve Chalcraft and Carol Wagstaff

Artistic Licence

7 – 19 May

The term ‘Artistic Licence’ is often used to describe the distortion of a fact, word, place, or Art. Hence permission given, for these three Sussex based artists to collaborate on this project, each preferring to step outside the boundaries of prescriptive visual work and to embrace the sense of that which is felt.

Their work is driven by a shared passion for nature and landscape with all its vagaries while bringing their own identities to their chosen mediums.

Jenny Wightwick, an artist who literally draws her medium from the ground up to form and to mould shapes, sculptural vessels extracted from porcelain and clay which are both practical & beautiful, encrusted with visceral mark making and embellishment inspired by the landscape and nature. Jenny’s work has a primitive quality, derived from another time but with a fresh take, fitting perfectly in the 21st century.

Eve Chalcraft creates lyrical, colourful depictions of the landscape imbued with immediacy and the sureness of someone who knows their place within it.  An innate knowledge of the seasons, the chalk paths that criss-cross the Downland landscape, the unwavering focus of her chosen subject allows Eve’s intuitive sensitivity of her subject to shine through.

Carol Wagstaff is a multi-media artist whose work touches on the human element and, within that, our impact on the landscape by the marks made  and decisions taken that create changes effecting us all. Fusing painting and sculpture, Carol’s work often represents the crisis of displaced people’s around the world and, closer to home, the homeless crisis, her work seeks to question: an endless quest.

These three artists combine sculpture and painting in their own unique way and hope that there will be something within this exhibition for everyone to engage with on some level.