Grayham Goll and John Wyatt

Paintings Near and Far including Middleton-on-Sea

23 – 28 July

Grayham Goll and John Wyatt are local artists who present paintings stimulated by their local village scenery, and by their experience of scenes further away from home.

John Wyatt’s medium is oil paint and pastel drawings. He has been helped by membership of local art groups and by his artist daughter’s wise advice. His particular inspiration originally came from his studies of geology, and prehistory and their effect on landscape and seascape, although his enjoyment of country walking has added variety and colour to these interests. He regularly walks on the South Downs, but also in very different rural settings, such as in the fells and cliffs of the lake District, Snowdonia and Exmoor, which have provided material for his canvases. Like Grayham in this instance, he has been encouraged by interest expressed by local friends to look and sketch and then paint scenes from their village. They have helped them to celebrate their local village and sea coast images.

Grayham Goll’s interests have always been in buildings and landscapes, very much in line with his design and architectural background. Sketching was one of his favourite hobbies as a boy and this interest has grown considerably since his retirement. His painting disciplines are primarily self-taught, but he is always ready to pick up new techniques from established artists. His favoured mediums are line & wash, water colour and acrylics but there is so much to learn in all mediums, and he believes that going back to basics from time to time is a good way of recharging the paintbrush!