Cabinet Displays

13 April – 27 June 2021

Gael Emmett is the Gallery’s resident jeweller for 2021.

Gael’s jewellery is carefully designed and handmade in her studio in Chichester and uses sterling silver, with copper and 18k gold inclusions and enamel in her designs. Her work also includes semi-precious beads and gemstones.

Gael’s work is inspired by the simple rhythms and shapes found in nature and the concept that jewellery can be ‘playful’ with elements that can twist or turn and be stacked in different arrangements.


13 April – 27 June 2021

Lynn Nicholls (Southsea Mudlark)

Lynn Nicholls (Southsea Mudlark) started her career as a set designer for the BBC before teaching in several Hampshire colleges.  Lynn is a member and studio holder at Art Space Portsmouth and exhibits with the Southern Ceramics Group. She makes functional, thrown or slab built decorative earthenware and particularly enjoys exploring colour, line and decorative imagery.

Southsea Mudlark ceramics are eco and vegan friendly.



15 September – 23 December 2021

Julie Barker

“I’m a one armed artist who has always drawn intricate pen and ink pictures. Having nerve damage in my right arm (I’m right handed), means I had to find a different outlet for my creativity. I now create acrylic pour art, sometimes incorporating resin. I also use resin in jewellery and have recently found the joy of working with wood and resin.”.




15 September – 23 December 2020

Elisa Mott – Shake Your Glass

Glass jewellery, homeware gifts, wall and garden art. The techniques of kiln forming glass include fusing, slumping, casting and kiln carving.  Inspiration is taken from wildlife especially birds along with Elisa’s backpacking travel adventures and is expressed in glass design through imagery, colours and textures.