The Marmite Girls

Sue Coleman, Morfydd Ransom Hall and Julie Turner

27 March – 8 April 2018

An exhibition of mixed media, textiles, photography, installation, printmaking and sculpture.

Sue Coleman
Fascinated by the process of transforming ephemeral material from the natural world, the artist explores these concepts in site specific habitats. The objects are immersed into the landscape and in response to the intervention, the organic matter performs a residue happening. Sue brings the poetic process of nature into the gallery. The unique fragments are used to make prints, installations and sculptural objects. The artwork in the gallery has a symbolic narrative highlighting the continuous metamorphosis taking place in the environment, surrounding global food economies and energy resources.

Morfydd Ransom-Hall
Climate, weather and seismic activity impact upon the landscape season by season, sometimes gentle sometimes violent. Humans endeavour to tame this environment: actions that leave their mark.

Julie Turner
Julie is a mixed media textile artist who is preoccupied with changing the surface quality of fabric using natural plant dyes and rust.Her work is informed by floriology (the language of flowers).A consistent narrative in Julie’s work is that of clothing that cannot be worn and faceless dolls open to projected identities.