Susan Shafrir


8 – 20 May 2018

“What is bioethics all about?……. decisions and dilemmas in the medical-legal field affecting most of us at some point in time.

“These art works, “Embroidapaintings” as I call them, are aimed at those who teach and those who study ethics in higher education……. as well as the rest of us. With that aim in mind I was commissioned by the chair of Bioethics UNESCO to create a collection of work using actual past case studies as my inspiration. The resulting pieces in this series will be used to stimulate discussion on ethical dilemmas happening inside and outside our hospitals and law courts today.
Using the genre of mixed media with free machine and hand embroidered textiles, my work will be an addition to the methods of teaching ethics, a revolutionary idea.

“I begin by researching a case in depth before starting on many sketches, recording symbols associated in my thoughts and feelings about the traumas reported. These reactions will dictate colours, textures and moods of every different piece.

“I become totally immersed in each of these personal cases. Each relates to a trauma in somebody’s life. By my “translating” these reported words into visuals I am emotionally involved, which I hope you will find evident.”

Susan Shafrir