Max Wildman

St. Ives Comes to Chichester!

27 March – 8 April 2018

Tribute artist Max Wildman celebrates the life and work of St Ives painter Alfred Wallis.

Over 50 uncannily authentic looking original works in the style of Wallis (arguably the truest of all primitives ) will be on view, representing the largest single showing of such paintings anywhere in the country. For more than a decade, Max Wildman has been immersed in re-creating that elusive Wallis look, and now sells his work through many galleries across the UK. His aim has been to create works which look as realistic as possible but at a tiny fraction of the cost of a Wallis original. As English sculptor and artist John Maltby puts it,

Max Wildman is certainly an artist who knows his Wallis. His paintings are deceptively simple, and at their best they are often small aphorisms of the origianl works of this unique St Ives artist. Once again – Wallis is affordable!

This exhibition at the Oxmarket will be the first held for over five years, and will serve as a rare opportunity to view an impressive range of works, and meet the artist.