Maureen Rogers & Giles Penfound

A Cranial Perspective

27 February – 11 March 2018

A Fine Art photography collaboration of horse skulls and bones by Maureen Rogers, leading pioneer in the field of in CranioSacral work with horses and photographer Giles Penfound.

In 2011, Maureen had a vision of doing photographic images of horse skulls and the individual bones of the skull of the horse to show the beauty and complexity of the horse in a new way. The vision driving the project was to show and to present the skull and bones as ART and the beauty that exists underneath who we see!

Ms Rogers is a leading pioneer in the field of Equine CranioSacral therapy. She founded Equine CranioSacral Workshops the most extensive international program in Equine CranioSacral studies. After studying and teaching, CranioSacral therapy for humans in 1995-1999, she had a horse with an injury and naturally applied the treatment to her horse and received results.- the rest is history. Maureen, has been treating horses with CranioSacral and teaching for 19 years, the beauty of horse is deeper than what we see to the outside, The horse’s head/skull is made up 26 individual bones which are an intricate, delicate and strong architectural structure. To be able to present it in an artful way, beyond just the anatomy of the horse, people would have a different appreciation for this intricate structure and the horse. Also, art allows the person viewing an image to see beyond what they see they think the image is!

Giles is a professional, documentary photographer based in Newbury, England. He had a career with the British Army for 25 years, documenting through photography his army experience. It is his gift through photography, being able to bring alive the subject matter and project vision of Maureen Rogers which has enabled this unique collaboration.