Mary Molus, Nicole Luyten, Allan Davies, Martyn Jones

Terra Firma

17 – 29 July 2018

A wide-ranging exhibition by four artists exploring diverse aspects of the natural world.

Mary Molus

Mary Molus is an artist who works from her studio in Rose Green, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Mary graduated BA Hons Fine Art from Reading University. She has taught for over thirty years including art and textiles at a number of schools in Scotland, Israel, Cumbria, Berkshire and West Sussex.

Mary has exhibited in Edinburgh, including the Edinburgh Festival, Reading, Henley, Nottingham, Midhurst, Bognor Regis, Chichester at both Pallant House Gallery and the Oxmarket Centre of Arts.

“The inspiration for my art work begins with curiosity or reaction to a specific place or moment in time. First steps in making my art work involve drawing first-hand observational studies, recording notes and thoughts, and exploring initial compositional study ideas. Then later, in the studio, I develop ideas further by exploring a range of materials, some traditional and some unconventional. My final work aims to reflect a response to the natural environment. My work currently on show has been inspired by many walks I have made along the shoreline of West Sussex.”

Nicole Luyten

Born in Belgium, Nicole Luyten is a mixed media artist who works from her studio in Aldwick, West Sussex. Having been fascinated and drawn to nature from childhood, Nicole originally studied garden design and horticulture in Brussels. She since trained as a sculptor at Lier Academy of Arts Belgium. Moving to the UK in 2008 she met Laura Reiter, a published author and established artist who was her tutor for six years in Harrow.

Nicole has exhibited in Belgium with Sirkel, in France- Le Vauthibault, and more recently in Harrow, Stanmore, Northwood .

“It is within this discipline that I can express my relationship between Nature and myself. The forces of a constantly changing earth, creating natural abstracts in the form of eroding canyons, shape shifting ice bergs/glaciers, or sculptures created by lava flows- all are a never ending source of inspiration. I aim to bring these textures to life with the aid of several media such as plaster, wood, metal,sand, acrylics, inks, cement, bitumen.”

Allan Davies

Allan Davies is a painter and printmaker who works from his studio in Southbourne, Emsworth, Hampshire. Allan graduated B.A. Hons. Fine Art, Bath Academy of Art and has taught art in West Sussex and Hampshire areas since 1978.

Allan has exhibited in a variety of galleries in the U.K. including a one-man exhibition at Pallant House, Garden Gallery, Chichester. He also has had work included in the Royal Society of Etchers and Engravers, South Bank, London. In addition to painting a recent retrospective of etchings was staged here at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts during 2017.

‘’The main focus of my work is primarily drawing, painting and printmaking from landscape. I begin by working in my sketchbook directly from observation, outdoors. Initial studies are then further developed into larger scale paintings. My landscape studies are an attempt to translate the changing cloud formations, mood and light specific to Hampshire & West Sussex. I aim to convey a sense of passion and feeling employing the medium of watercolour and acrylic glazing, applying bold colours expressively.’’

Martyn Jones

Martyn Jones is a contemporary painter who works from his studio based in Cardiff, Wales, U.K. Jones graduated M.A. Fine Art, at Chelsea School of Art, London and was awarded Junior Fellowship at Bath Academy of Art.

Upcoming exhibitions for 2018 include Heath Gallery, Palm Springs and Fresh Art Fair, U.K. Recent exhibitions include Ffin-y-Parc Gallery, Wales, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, ARAGÓN 232 Barcelona, and Art Fair Cologne. Work has been exhibited widely in U.K., Europe and U.S.A. including the National Gallery of Wales and at the Wales International Centre, Chrysler Building, New York.

‘’Colour has always played a fundamental role in my painting. The importance of colour was impressed on me at an early stage, by the British artist Patrick Heron. My paintings explore and are specific to, the theme of ‘place and time’. The work is descriptive in essence, natural shape and form taken from the world at large. Ideas for paintings often begin with preliminary studies ‘in situ’, working directly from landscape or primary sources. Initial ideas are translated into larger scale paintings, working on paper or canvas.’’

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