Ken Rimell

Hold The Front Page

6-18 June 2017

Exhibition of photographs taken whilst working for major local newspapers.

Ken Rimell exhibits his pictures taken whilst working for major local newspapers between 1966 to 1990. He has enjoyed careers as photographer within the RAF, the Surrey Advertiser Group, The Evening Mail, Portsmouth News and its associated local weekly papers. He left the world of newspapers in 1990 to get out of the rat race and follow other interests. Still associated with publishing and now working for magazines on topics of interest where there is no pressure and each day is a joy.

Having seen photography progress from cut film to 120mm to 35mm and now digital, working out exposure to match the lighting situation, and the sloshing about in a darkroom for an end results was fun. Not so funny was the rushing about to get the photographs to the picture desk. Most picture editors were neurotic, and I’ve had my share of working with some, the secret of staying sane? Have a hobby outside your job – mine was my family.