Six exciting artists come together to present 3-PLUS-3.

30 May – 4 June 2017

The six comprise of three abstract and three figurative artists. Each one is individually placed in their own right but see the value of exhibiting collaboration because it offers the audience variety of approaches and style. Each artist is very different in style, influence and medium.

Karin Hay-White’s paintings have a very textural aesthetic, the complex weavings of line, colour and form giving rise to a tension between pure abstraction and pictorial representation. A stylistic form that creates a new way of looking at the world, a painterly landscape that shimmers with an energy and vibrancy that’s rooted in fine art and design. Most of Karin’s paintings are inspired by modernist architecture and industrial design. Her paintings are already held in private collections in the UK and the Royal Collection in Norway.
Geoff Lowe works in both painting and photography, the one informing the other, it is this interaction that sustains and motivates his work. He has been a professional artist all his life, with many years as a Senior Lecturer on BA Hons., Fine Art and Photography courses. He has recently published a book about the victorian photographer, Lyddell Sawyer.
David Finch a graduate from The Royal College of Art, where he majored in illustration has a lovely approach to his work which is both humorous, figurative and highly skilful. His knowledge of the history of art is impressive and very much informs his work in unexpected and amusing ways.
David Hicks is an artist who uses abstraction to explore a language of line, form and emotive image. Mostly working in oils and collage David uses methods of layering and of contemplative responses to the inner workings of the painting as it builds. He works either on one painting at a time or in in a series with a similar medium and this exploration allows an internal dialogue to emerge. He will allow some paintings to rest for months before painting over them creating layers and depth. Fine Papers are used in his work as well as bold brush strokes and lines. In some paintings landscapes may appear as recognisable subjects Illuminated by the personal response within the viewer.
Douglas Stackhouse, presently a fine art and history of art tutor in Barnstable, Devon. He has a very lively figurative style that depends very heavily on his deep knowledge of the human form. His paintings are at times large and impressive.
Robert Ford is motivated by the politics of the day and uses his drawing ability to enhance his output. His styles are many and various, using pen and ink, digital enhancements, paint and printwork.